How to Create a Pinterest Profile for Your Blog

Starting a Pinterest profile can be completely overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We put together a 31 day video challenge to help you build your Pinterest profile from the ground up or to revamp an existing account. We will teach you how to create a Pinterest profile for your blog so you can take advantage of all of the great benefits Pinterest has for your blog. Before you dive into Day 1 of our video challenge, go check out how to start a business account¬†on Pinterest.

How to Create a Pinterest Profile for Your Blog

Click on the days below to watch the video on our Facebook page. You can also join our Facebook group Powerful Pin Strategies to ask questions, participate in threads, and more. If you have any questions, please post them in the group.

Day 1- The Importance of Stats
Day 2- Writing Your Pinterest Name
Day 3- Writing a Bio That Attracts Your Ideal Audience
Day 4- Confirming Your Website on Pinterest- Now Known as Claiming Your Website
Day 5- Enabling Rich Pins
Day 6- How to Feature Boards on Your Profile
Day 7- Followers on Pinterest
Day 8- Using Analytics to Plan Content and Pins
Day 9 – What Pins Grab Your Attention?
Day 10 – Creating Branded Pins
Day 11 – What Belongs on a Pin Graphic?
Day 12 – How to Create a Pin Using a Template
Day 13 – How to Upload Pins to Pinterest
Day 14 – How to Write Awesome Pin Descriptions
Day 15 – Why You Need a Best of Board and Uploading Your Pins
Day 16 – How to Embed a Pin
Day 17 – What Boards Does Your Audience Want?
Day 18 – How to Hide Boards on Your Profile
Day 19 – How to Name Your Boards on Pinterest
Day 20 – How to Write Board Descriptions
Day 21 – How to Create New Boards
Day 22 – Where to Find Pins on Pinterest
Day 23 – How to Arrange Your Boards on Pinterest
Day 24 – How to Create Board Covers on Pinterest
Day 25 – Where to Find Group Boards
Day 26 – How to Use Group Boards to Promote Your Content
Day 27 – Repin Threads and Where to Find Them
Day 28 – Why Tailwind is a Game Changer
Day 29 – Tailwind Tribes and How to Use Them
Day 30 – My Secret Way to Check on My Pins
Day 31 – Why You Need to Cross Promote Content

This is a lot of content to work through so it will take you a few days, weeks, or even a month if you do a little every day like most people do! Make sure you save the pin below to your Pinterest board so you can find it while you work through all the videos. By the end of our 31 day challenge, you’ll know how to create a Pinterest profile for your blog and how to utilize Pinterest to promote your website.


Are you wondering how to create a Pinterest profile for your blog, but you're feeling lost? We're here to help you start a business Pinterest profile and teach you how to promote your blog on Pinterest. Come check out this in depth Pinterest guide for bloggers and save it to your board so you can find it later. #Pinterest #Pinteresttips #Bloggertips