You may not know this, but Pinterest is not considered a social media platform. It works much differently than Facebook and Instagram and instead operates more like Google. That means pin descriptions are extremely important on Pinterest to help you rank in searches and help Pinterest direct people your way. If you’re like me when I started on Pinterest, I had NO CLUE what to put in this space or how important keywords were. Don’t worry though, I’m going to make your life a LOT easier with this guide on how to write a pin description on Pinterest with keywords.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a phrase that someone would type in to find information. For instance, if you have a post about solo travel tips some keywords would be: travel alone, travel solo, solo travel, travel without friends. Those are all things people may use in a search. Most of these would be in a question format though such as what do I need to know before I travel alone? What is it like to travel without friends?

Keywords help the search engine match up someone’s question or need with an answer or a solution to their problem. By using them in your pin descriptions, you’re helping Pinterest guide people who are interested in that topic to your pins. It will pull them all up in a search and the goal is to rank as close to number 1 (the top of the page) as possible. The great thing about Pinterest is that your pin can also rank on Google using your pin description, so you get 2 times the exposure.

What do I need in a pin description?

Your pin descriptions shouldn’t be a string of keywords, known as keyword stuffing. You want it to be personal and to use this space to show Pinterest you’re solving a problem with keywords, but also to show the person reading your description that you are the answer to the problem they have. A pin description is composed of a few important parts.

  1. A casual tone– Make it conversational and not salesy. Ask them questions such as “Are you heading on a solo trip but you’re not sure what to expect? We’ve got you covered” That helps them connect with you and build trust.
  2. Keyword phrases– obviously this one is SUPER important. Try to think of at least 3 things you would search to find your post and work those into your description. If you need help with this, ask a friend, significant other, your parents, or you can come ask us in our Facebook group Powerful Pin Strategies. Work them into the conversation like how we worked in solo trip into the question above. That counts as a keyword phrase!
  3. Call to action– ALWAYS end your pin descriptions with a call to action. What that means is tell them what to do with the pin. Do you want them to read it, save it, send it to a friend, etc. It can even be as casual as “Don’t forget to save this to your board so you can find it later.” I always lose posts and then spend hours looking for the exact one I was thinking of so when people say something like hey don’t forget to save this or Make sure you don’t lose this, save it to your board now, I automatically save it even if I wasn’t sure I needed it.
  4. Hashtags– This is new to the game for Pinterest. Hashtags are now the in thing. They can help you rank higher in regular keyword searches by gaining more engagement in the hashtag search function. It’s still not well known how important they will be, but Pinterest wants to keep them around. Choose 3-4 hashtags to add to the end of your pin description. I’ll be writing a post soon about hashtags on Pinterest to help you understand them better.

How to write a pin description with keywords

Alright now it’s time for some examples. Here are two different ways you could incorporate all of those elements into a pin description. One is a bit more obvious that I’m adding keywords while the other is a good example of what a more casual and subtle pin description looks like.

Example 1: Are you planning a trip to the beautiful city of Chicago? Check out this first timer’s guide to Chicago including where to eat in Chicago, places to stay in Chicago, what to see in Chicago, things to do in Chicago, transportation in Chicago and much more. Save this Chicago travel guide to your travel board so you can find it later. #chicago #chicagoillinois #chicagotravel
-I underlined the keywords so you could see what I was using. Notice how it’s a casual tone and how I add in Chicago behind each phrase? Make sure you do that or have Chicago restaurants otherwise the keyword will just be where to eat and won’t be showing up specifically in any Chicago searches.

Example 2: 
Planning a trip can be expensive, but these money saving tips will help you travel on a budget. Make sure you check out these ways to save money on your next trip and save these money saving tips to your travel board so you can find it later. #budgettravel #traveltips #savingmoney #moneysavingtips
-Again, notice how I underlined the keywords and made it relatable. I told them to go check out the ways to save money and money saving tips, and added hashtags at the end.

If you’re struggling to find keywords on Pinterest, you can also go to the search bar and type in the location or something about your post and it will automatically generate some similar things people search for on Pinterest. For instance, if you would type in Paris and click search, you’ll see all of these boxes below the search bar with additional keywords you can click on. Use those for inspiration to see what’s popular with that keyword and which ones will work for your post.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen! Now go write some pin descriptions and share them in our Facebook group Powerful Pin Strategies so you can find them later! Don’t forget to save this pin to Pinterest by clicking on the pin graphic below. It’s one post you will not want to lose!